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Enduro® Caravan Mover €744.99
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Enduro2® Caravan Mover
(includes Enduro mover and upgrade kit for use with twin axle caravans)
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Choose the enduro® for single axle caravans or the enduro2® for twin axle caravans. Price includes tax and delivery  


Thin-line Design
Lightweight steel body designed to be compact and easy to fit – especially around suspension units.

Designed for ultimate functionality.

Alloy Rollers
We have avoided grit rollers, which wear out quickly and soon require replacement; instead the enduro®
is fitted with lightweight cast-alloy rollers, incorporating patented, channel-cut design which lets rain water,
grit and grime to simply disperse away for ultimate traction in all conditions – with Lifetime Warranty.

We have invested more, so in the long run, you don’t have to.

Integrated Cross-Actuation
Simple single lever cross-actuation allows you to engage both rollers from either side of the caravan at the
same time, useful when parking your caravan next to a wall or hedge.

Super Smooth Direct Drive Gearbox
Maximum power is achieved using a laser cut, direct drive, reduction gearbox. This system is designed
to limit power loss and reduce noise & wear when compared to rival chain drive designs.

Easy… Simple… Reliable… Better.

Hi-Torque Motors
Rest assured our high torque motors will move any touring caravan; all at the simple touch of a button.

High Protection Control Unit
The control unit or brain of the enduro® mover is designed to be fitted in an area such as an under-bed box.
These spaces are often used for storage and can expose the unit to being knocked or damaged.
The enduro® mover is encased in a metal housing giving ultimate protection.

Precision Control
The enduro® incorporates soft-start technology to give you ultimate control and pinpoint accuracy when
directing your caravan. This system also eliminates sudden movements that can cause stress on the
chassis and move un-stowed items in the caravan.

Any product designed to fit just above the ground under a caravan is vulnerable from abuse by the weather
including salted roads in the winter and heat reflection in the summer. In order to protect your investment,
the enduro® mover incorporates ‘triple-layered’ composite anti-corrosion technology.

Lifetime Warranty
With a lifetime warranty on the rollers and an extended warranty on the moving parts, the enduro® is built to last.



Lifetime Warranty