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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the enduro® fit my caravan?
The enduro® is suitable for most standard caravan chassis that have an L-shape or U-shape profile with a
chassis thickness between 2.8mm minimum and 3.5mm maximum. The standard installation kit only provides
parts for installing the mover within the measurements shown in the user manual (available for download from
this website). The ground clearance must be a minimum of 165mm – the enduro® will drop down approximately
50mm from the chassis.

Are there adaptor kits available for non L-shape or U-shape chassis?
Yes – there are optional fitting adapter plates and spacers available for some low profile and narrow gauge
chassis. Please refer to the user manual pdf or contact us by telephone or using the website contact form.

Can I fit the enduro® myself?
View the installation video on this website or review the user manual which may help you to decide
if self-fit is an option.

Does the enduro® have soft start and stop?
Yes – this system eliminates sudden movements that can cause stress on the chassis and lets you
control your caravan with pinpoint accuracy.

Where is the best location for the mover?
The best location for the enduro® is in front of the axle. However, if this is not possible it is usually
possible to fit behind the axle.

Does it fit on a caravan with shock absorbers?
Yes – the enduro® caravan mover is extremely compact.

Where do I find the serial numbers?
Individual numbers are found stamped in to the end caps of each motor unit.

What is the warranty information?
The enduro® caravan mover system is provided with a parts only warranty for a period of 2-years from
the date of purchase. Any warranty claims must be directed through the place of purchase with a proof
of purchase provided. Within this 2-year period, the manufacturer will, at their sole discretion, replace
or repair any parts that have failed if deemed to be due to a manufacturing defect.

The manufacturer reserves the right to charge for any repair, or costs incurred whilst processing a claim
that is deemed to be due to customer misuse or neglect. This warranty is not offered for any type of trade
or commercial usage. The manufacturer does not take responsibility for any consequential loss whatsoever.
Upon inspection, components that are missing when checked against the packing contents list must be
reported to the place of purchase within 5 working days.


Lifetime Warranty